Tufiño Gardens by
Alexander Gorlin Architects

Our design for this new housing development in Bushwick revolves around bringing light and activity to the community. The building façade design uses the sun’s movement to inform the carved façade articulation. Deep window jambs are angled to allow the summer sun to be shielded from the interior. Conversely, the opposite jambs angle to allow for deep penetration of winter sun to help heat the interiors. On the roof are vegetable gardens for residents to grow and a green roof that covers the other half of the roof. The entry to the building faces an open stair that promotes active use of this important element for exercise for seniors. On one side is the health clinic and pharmacy open to both residents and the community. On the other side is a senior center that encourages social interaction and includes a multiple use space for varied activities, such as community meetings and smaller side rooms for lectures, gatherings, quilting, cards, arts and crafts and a hair salon. The gym and library are in open spaces that overlook the gardens and basketball court on the second and third floors.  On every level behind the elevator core is a seating area with large windows with views of the park, a place for each floor for residents to relax and meet each other promoting a sense of community.

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