Swedenborgian Church by
Alexander Gorlin Architects

The renovation of this 1858 Greek Revival-style chapel salvaged the badly damaged roof and saved the ornate craftsmanship of the sanctuary, allowing the congregation to return, and subsequently expand, after a 10-year hiatus. Special care was taken to preserve the original details of the chapel, located in a historic east side neighborhood of Manhattan. On the exterior, damaged moldings were restored and a new glass canopy was built over the entry. The roof was rebuild and its wooden trusses slowly raised and repaired. A skylight in the chancel was repaired and reopened after years of damage and neglect. With our restoration, the church was reopened to the public after nearly a decade. Today the space is made available to local institutions for concerts, lectures, support groups and other events. The project won the 2005 Faith and Form Religious Architecture Award.

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