Prado Museum by
Alexander Gorlin Architects

The design for the Prado Museum proposes an expansion and renovation of the existing neo-classical building located in the core of Madrid. A new entrance to the museum articulates with the 500 year old San Jeronimo El Real church, sitting to the east. The entrance and addition to the museum express the confidence of Spain at the start of a new millennium, yet defer to the rational geometry and order of the existing structures. While reconfiguring the museum’s symmetry the rear of the building will become it’s front shifting the visitors’ central destination. In addition to incorporating the ruined cloister of San Jeronimo El Real for part of the new library, three linear glass structures function as a central spine that will unite the museum’s gallery space with academic and administrative spaces. Alluding to the artistic legacy and royal provenance of the Prado Collection, three glass and steel spires soar upward while allowing natural light to flood the galleries below.

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