Nehemiah Spring Creek by
Alexander Gorlin Architects

These prefabricated townhouses are part of the Nehemiah program to build the largest affordable housing development for first-time homebuyers in New York City. More than 800 homes are being built on a 45-acre former landfill site in east Brooklyn, planned around a vibrant community-oriented streetscape and neighborhood. The first two phases and phase 3B, approximately 287 of 578 townhouses, are now complete with phase 3A under construction. Individual modular units are constructed in a nearby factory and trucked to the site where they are then joined together into two-, three- and four-story houses.  To create visual interest and distinct identities, multiple facade types were designed, each of which can be clad in one of a dozen different colors of siding. A modern interpretation of traditional Brooklyn townhouses, stoops line the street leading to a raised front door. Parking is along rear alleys in the interior of each block, allowing the homes to open directly onto the sidewalk. Our prefabrication design and construction methods for the townhouses were featured in the Museum of Modern Art's recent exhibition on prefab homes.

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