Mountain View Cemetery by
Alexander Gorlin Architects

This new mausoleum and garden structure allow mourners to visit their loved ones in a place of peaceful calm and dignity. The mausoleum, within the historic Mountain View Cemetery designed by Frederick Law Olmsted in 1863, is the first building one will see upon entering. The oval chapel recalls Olmsted’s original plan and together with the adjacent block of crypts, a gateway is formed that opens up to the garden court around which the mausoleum and a reflecting pool are organized. Passing between the chapel and the northern block, one enters the garden and continues to the corridors of the crypts which act as extensions of the garden paths. Here, one never feels enclosed, but always part of the outside with views directly through the mausoleum from north to south. The chapel and new building complete the entrance ensemble and create a sense of arrival to Mountain View that was previously lacking.

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