Battery Park City Guard Booths by
Alexander Gorlin Architects

Each Guard Booth located throughout Battery Park City houses one guard and provides both information and security to New York City pedestrians. Designed to recall robots and toys, with anthropo-mechanical imagery, their bright colors prominently attract attention for both informational purposes and as guardians of the public realm. The Booths have the same internal structure of a welded aluminum frame and have been fitted with distinctive external envelopes depending upon their ultimate location and purpose. Two of the Booths are permanent and are detailed as classical gatehouses in the form of a Tempietto and a miniature skyscraper, gesturing to the nearby towers of lower Manhattan. The remaining two are mobile and are able to be towed to special events throughout the city. All have electric power either through rechargeable batteries or are connected to power at the permanent sites. Seats fold down to provide the public places to sit and read or converse.

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