Alabama House by
Alexander Gorlin Architects

The design of this Northern Alabama house included the request that it be constructed of and showcase the possibilities of steel for domestic use. The house’s client inherited the last steel factory from her husband in the early 1980’s and reorganized it into a profitable steel fabricating plant. Located in a rustic mountain community, the house stretches across the crest of Lookout Mountain where iron ore was originally discovered. A linear plan separates the main from the guesthouse and a pool occupies the space in-between, linked by a steel columned pergola. Locally quarried stonewalls define the entry court that opens up on the back overlooking the valley below. The windows and interior columns are steel as are the curved bar trusses and the galvanized roof above.  A stair leads to the master bedroom suite on the second level and a roof terrace affords a stunning view from the mountain.

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