Deans of Design by Alexander Gorlin Architects

Architectural Digest presents: The Deans of American Design

Our Honor Roll of Visionary Architects and Interior Designers

In this special section, we present 30 of the United States’ best architects and interior designers, whose outstanding achievements have propelled them to the top echelon of their fields. They’ve designed many of the inspiring residences you see in our pages, and they’re responsible for important museums, galleries, synagogues, churches, public buildings and offices around the world. What makes a great designer? Like great painters and writers, great designers possess curiosity, sensitivity, discipline and an ability to reinterpret past styles to create something entirely original. They interest, intrigue and surprise. These extraordinary architects and designers do just that in project after project, year after year. Although they could easily rest on their laurels, they continue to push the boundaries of their own style, refining, experimenting and making it new, for that is what great artistry-in any field is all about.

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